It can be harrowing, truly tragic to see, to see a young, athletic, talented man to have to survive in squalid conditions, living on less than you paid for your house.

That is why we are here. We want to highlight the plight of dozens of professional top-flight footballers, who earn just five figures a week.

We met a young footballer, too timid to give his name. Here’s what he told us; “Errm…, you know. We give 110% each week and, you know, we errm…, like, have to go home and sometimes, errm…I have to drive the wife’s Land Rover if my car’s gettin’ rims, or somethin’, you know. We need another lambo, or two, so we don’t have to share. A load of the lads have to live with having only four or five meals at Michelin-starred restaurants a week, you know, times are hard”.

Every week, top-level footballers are forced to choke down the food their private chefs have made for them, or occasionally, cook themselves. Some footballers have even been spotted doing their own shopping and chores. Ex-Manchester United star, Roy Keane was once famously snapped walking his own dog.

For many, giving £300000 a month may seem like a lot, but when you consider it how much you take for granted, it is really a matter of duty. You can change the life of a young footballer, today. By donating all you can, you can ensure that they never have to cook again, or dine next to “normies”, like you, or me. Help a footballer to fulfil their selfish, greedy potential by spoiling them more than they could have ever imagined early on in their career.

If you can’t spare £300,000 a month, perhaps you should consider seeing a financial advisor and meeting your mortgage broker to make sure you can. Give now to be forever disappointed by a young player’s lack of tracking back and awful finishing.