Fashionable Rochdale women have found a rather special use for police tape – as clothing to hit the town in.

Local artist and bin man, Trevor Pirvert, apparently had the idea whilst on a night out in Yates’s.

“I was off me tits on a potent mixture of sniff and spice. All the birds were wearing next to nowt and it hit me like an angry bailiff.”

Trevor has previously claimed success with the design skills he acquired from an A-Level course he dropped out of back in 1993.

“I had this collection called ‘trash’.  I basically made dresses from bin bags we had spare in the van. I’d do the models up in make up so they looked like right slags, then they’d hit the cat walk.  It took off big time.  A boutique in Cardiff bought 12 off me.  Fortunately they didn’t buy ’em on a ‘sale or return’ basis or I would’ve been stuffed!”

Now, just three weeks on, tens of women can be seen walking around Rochdale town centre wearing nothing but police tape on a Saturday night.

“I wanted to make a statement.  The police tape says ‘Crime Scene Do Not Cross’.  Although the birds are essentially naked, there’s still that barrier there, you know?  That’s the ultimate irony, because they’re all up for it anyway.”

The story has attracted attention from as far as Oldham and Bury.

“Yeah, The Oldham Chronicle ran a piece on how it was ‘sexploitation’.  That’s bollocks!  A guy tried touching up one of my models in KoKo’s and as quick a whip she glassed him, then the local lads gave him a good kicking.  We all stick together here and he’ll never work the doors again in this town.”

If you’d like to find out more about Trevor Pirvert’s living art exhibition, or enroll to become a model for just £49.99, then more information can be found on his website.

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