John Terry, the legendary back door man and occasional footballer, has sacked his Agent after finding himself trapped in a 1 year contract at Aston Villa.

It is believed that Mr Terry, the immortal gant and sometime centre-half, said to his agent that he should “get him 12 months in that ass-filled Villa”.

Sadly for JT, the renowned dirty mack and part-time England defender, his agent clearly didn’t hear him correctly and he now finds himself tied to a one-year deal in, as he put it, “some fucking Northern shit-hole”

It is hard to argue with JT’s judgement. However for the avoidance of doubt it’s specifically hard to argue with his judgement about the state of Birmingham and, to be 100% clear, not on his judgement on what is acceptable behaviour with the wife of a team-mate.

Or for that matter not his judgement over what is an acceptable word to use to describe the brother of your non-white England team-mate.

Come to think of it, you wouldn’t really say that taking cash off Chelsea supporters in exchange for unauthorised trips round the stadium was his best moment.

In fairness, that wasn’t as bad a decision as mocking American tourist after 9/11 which does also rather overshadow either picking a fight with a nightclub doorman or pissing into a pint glass.

So to conclude…Birmingham is a shithole and John Terry is probably in the right place.