The international irony reservoir was overflowing this week as news came through that French lifestyle and fitness blogger, Becky Fromage-Burger, was slain in her own kitchen.

Mlle. Fromage-Burger, who is renowned for appearing on the Internet in various chantilly-clad poses, died when a pressurised canister of whipped cream exploded and hit her in the chest, triggering a cardiac arrest.

The Rochdale Herald’s International correspondent, Pat Isserie, was on the scene shortly after the French Police and secured an interview with the lead investigator, Marie-Eclair Mille-Feuille.

“This is grate tragedy,” she told us. “When we arrived we found a half-eton mess on the floor.”

She admitted that the French Police are not looking for any other suspects in confection with the incident.

“The evidence suggests that this was either an elaborate suicide, or a gasily accident.”

“The dangers posed by such high-pressure cream dispensers are not to be trifled with,” she continued. “A general recall will be required to prevent hundreds and thousands of others suffering a similar fate.”

Meanwhile, messages of sympathy started to pour in from the Internet.

“She is blogging in Heaven now,” said one fan. “Giving the angels delight.”

A representative of the family, Mme Bebe Q. Avec-Fries, responded angrily to suggestions that this might have been a successful suicide.

“Such an assertion is completely half-baked,” she snapped. “The police must be out of their rinds!”

She also announced that there will be a Sundae memorial service.