The people of the United Kingdom were reassured this morning by Prince Harry’s statement that he does not want to be king and will only do it if we force him to.

Harry, surprisingly red headed his whole life, stated his disinclination to inherit further titles and wealth in another of a series of emo interviews with the tabloid press.

Fears he harbours secret desires to lock any nephews in the tower and bore his older brother to death, and thus inherit the throne, have been increasing lately.

But no more. Well, not for the moment anyway.

There’s still a chance his grandmother will give him a bollocking and threaten to take the gold and diamond encrusted spoon out of his jacksie if he doesn’t shut up about his feelings.

Especially statements that suggest he doesn’t quite see the advantages of his accident of birth.

A palace insider was recently rumoured to have revealed,

“It’s well known the fun left the gig for Harry about the time he got told off for dressing like a WW2 German soldier at a fancy dress party. Not when he learned his full name was Henry Charles Albert David. Only first names. How would you handle that?”

That aside, we have it from the horse’s mouth now he doesn’t want all the bling and probably only turns up for public events because he has to do so to stop the Sun turning against him. A genuine concern for a ginger boy.

Harry’s claims he and the others born into privilege bring magic to the people have bemused, given they are yet to pay the bedroom tax, and there’s currently a blackened tower close to a giant, inherited palace full of unoccupied rooms.

Still, it’s nice to know Harry has to work for his living, even if it’s only emotionally.