Prince Terry Ojukwu III, of Nigeria, recently ran into financial difficulties when his bank fell into administration, leaving him just 24 hours to withdraw his money.

However, because of the vast sum in his account, a £1,000 transfer fee needed to be paid by the prince in order to transfer it to another bank.

“I could not believe it.” He said

“All of my family are long gone, apart from father who cut me out of his life many moons ago and I have very few friends, non of whom have that kind of money.”

With only 12 hours left to claim his wealth, Prince Ojukwu became desperate;

“I hate begging like some kind of poor nobody but I had to do something. Istarted emailing and phoning people with a good income in the UK. People who would not struggle to find £1000. I offered them £2 million just 12 hours later for their trouble. I thought it was a very generous offer but I just got mocked or ignored, it made little sense to me.”

Fortunately for the Prince, help came in the form Welsh warehouse operative, Dyfed Jones, just 30 minutes before the deadline; “It seemed like a no brainer to me.” He said.

I checked my mails and saw the message from a prince in need. I’d saved up for my girlfriend’s engagement ring so I had the cash like.”

He continued; “I got lots of stick in work the following day off the lads. Baz even tried selling me some magic beans! They’re weren’t laughing at 3 o’clock when I became a multi millionaire though.”