Tom Watson has announced this morning that the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer is to be investigated by the Labour Party for anti-Semitic remarks and bringing the Labour Party into disrepute.

Spicer, who is actually an American and member of the Republican Party made the comments yesterday on that wisest of places to speak, Twitter.

“Even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons,” tweeted the weapons grade pillock.

The comments raised a considerable amount of ire from people who have studied history or watched half an hour of the History Channel.

“I’m pretty sure that the gas he used to kill millions and millions of Jews counts as a chemical weapon, “ said Reuben Obvious, a spokesman for the website ThatsOffensive dot com, “Has this wazzock never heard of Godwin’s Law? Wanker.”

A spokesred for the Labour Party told the Herald, “We take any suggestion of anti-Semitism very seriously and will be conducting a full and transparentish inquiry as to whether or not we can expel Mr Spicer from the party, focusing mostly on whether or not we can get Ken Livingstone to say something stupid about it.”

It was pointed out that Mr Spicer was not a member of the party but the spokesred said, “Are you trying to say we don’t take anti-Semitism seriously? Typical of the Zionist run media that! Er no! I didn’t say that, this is off the record , right? Hello? Hello? Fuck!”

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