Following yesterday’s scandal that saw literally units of enraged Scotts cancelling their subscriptions, The Guardian’s simple crossword this morning poured fresh fuel onto the flames by insinuating that their beloved figurehead Nicola “Wee Jimmy” Sturgeon is a Nazi cu*nt. 

It was hard to believe that yesterday’s cryptic crossword solution, which bore the solutions ‘Sturgeon’ and ‘Racist’ back to back, was a coincidence. As if to reinforce the sense of disbelief, the solution to today’s simple crossword contained what looked to the casual observer as a not-particularly-subliminal message that Sturgeon is in fact a ‘Nazi cu*nt’. Furthermore, it didn’t take much effort to read between the lines that she was also a ‘sh*it, twatti under-twunt cow, u twat’.

“This is war” tweeted shortbread packager and crossword enthusiast Hamish McTavish, 44, of Dundee. “Youse can bet ya bawbees ah’l no be washin’ ma wee handies prior tae packaging shortbread boond fer sooth o’ tha boarder from nae on and that’s fer sure” he continued in his thick, lilting local brogue.

To add insult to injury, the rest of the crossword appears to have been filled in with random consonants such as Q and Z in a most half-arsed fashion purely in order to wedge in a few additional abusive comments. 

A spokesperson for the Guardian wasn’t quite so much unavailable for comment this morning as we couldn’t actually be bothered to contact her.

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