The BBC and ITV have both announced this week that they intend reviving certain ‘classic’ 70’s sitcoms because of the current fashion for being a racist bigot.

Hilary Patel-Cohen, a BBC spokesgender said, “There’s a really big appetite for this kind of thing lately and not in an ironic, retrospective type of way. Our focus groups are genuinely in stitches when Alf Garnett says ‘paki’. It’s bizarre.”

A leading Psychologist in the field of mob behaviour, Doctor Simon Cummings, said, “People have been told for two decades to respect each other regardless of age, sex, gender or ethnicity. The message was reinforced in the media, taught in schools and reflected in TV programmes.

“It wasn’t brain washing, it was just us growing and evolving as a society. Most people moved with the times and were respectful of each other because it really is nice to be nice.”

He continued, “But it doesn’t take much to sour the honey. A certain generation who normalised racism before it was deemed taboo, feel like they’ve had their freedom of speech quashed. It only takes one or two public figures to speak out and appeal to the infant part of the brain in these people and say but why can’t you say that?

“A Farage here, a Trump there and before you know it a whole section of society who were previously silenced have a voice. Then the media picks up on it and they have a shout, then a scream, then suddenly you’re watching Roy Chubby Brown in a 1935 post Brexit Britain with an orange lobotomised spunk gibbon in charge of America.”

Channel 4 are also currently remastering Bernard Manning’s back catalogue, which is expected to air in June.