There was chaos in The Daily Mail Newsroom this morning as they scrambled to reset copy before going to press after the gunman who opened fire in a mosque in Canada was revealed to be a white student rather than a terrorist.

Alexandre Bissonnette Opened fire in a mosque in Quebec yesterday killing 6 innocent people and injuring several more.

Before The Daily Mail could establish the identity of the white, far right Trump supporting Bissonnette, it had already set the narrative of ‘terrorist attack’ as the atrocity was initially thought to be carried out by a Moroccan man who later turned out to just be praying.

“It’s difficult to keep up with a 24 hour news cycle.” An anonymous Daily Mail journalist hissed in our ear. “It’s important to get these things right. He was a lone gunman and not a terrorist. He was more than likely just mentally ill. You can all rest easy now.”

Alexandre Bissonnette was named as the murderer and it is now evident that he is a student and not a terrorist.