An email has surfaced, from an anonymous source claiming to be from within Amazon, which suggests that the international distribution leviathan is in secret talks with a shadowy company over its plans to roll out drone deliveries.

The e-mail has been forwarded to our Rochdale Herald reporter. It details exchanges between the Amazon logistics department and a previously unknown company, Islamic Supplies International Limited (ISIL). The company is said to deliver Islamist related hardware and materials and is seeking to utilise the distribution network of the online giant.

ISIL is said to be particularly interested in the convenience of doorstep-delivery capacity offered by drones. The email states that the main body of their business is aimed at lucrative, exclusive deliveries to embassy staff, dignitaries and politicians.

We spoke to an alleged representative of Amazon who told us;

“We can admit we are talking to a company over high-end doorstep deliveries and early conversations suggest we have a lot to offer each other. They can offer us a load of dosh and we can ensure confidentiality and ask no questions in return. I’m certain delivering random unchecked parcels to peoples’ doors, by air, from a third party has no potential risks whatsoever. ”

What could possibly go wrong?

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