In tribute to the rabidly anti-Jewish fascist Adolf Hitler, the rabidly anti-Muslim fascist Paul Golding, former leader of Britain First, will be doing a sponsored spell in prison over the festive season.

He’ll be asking for several “faasaaand paaands” to pay legal costs for his lost court case (he pleaded guilty) and will be writing a book about his journey, called “My Struggul”.

We say writing, when what we really mean is filming, as writing isn’t Golding’s forté.

The self-styled martyr will blame all but himself for his imprisonment for “political crimes”. Really just breaking his injunction which forbade him from waddling into mosques wearing a Britain First tracksuit to scream abuse at the locals.

So on Christmas Day, as the spam headed  hate-preacher is sat in a prison cell, Muslims and non-Muslims will be celebrating across the country because they are spending the holidays with their families.

No doubt the video diary will contain more lies about the country being corrupted by “PC left-eye facist traytors”, prompting howls of disgust and outrage from people on the Britain First Facebook page, people mainly not resident in Britain.

So as ye ponder the prison issue mince pie and ancient plastic Christmas tree with the other inmates, we’d like to say “Merry Christmas ya humourless sad old git.”