In line with the decision taken by the government that following the UK’s departure from the EU, British towns will no longer be allowed to be twinned with town within the European zone. 

Rochdale has announced replacements for the three European towns it is currently twinned with.

At the moment, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough is twinned with six other towns.  The twin towns in the Ukraine, Pakistan and Bangladesh are unaffected by the latest Government requirement, but Tourcoing, France and the German towns of Bielefeld and Peine will be deemed unacceptable after the UK leaves the EC.

 The Rochdale Clerk of Twinning, Robert Joumow announced today;

“We have decided to replace the European twin cities with places within the UK to strengthen links with other towns of similar standing and repute as Rochdale, and give Rochdalians the chance to actually visit our twin towns. I am pleased to announced that after Brexit is confirmed, Rochdale will be twinned with Rhyl, Worksop and Romford.”  

The Rochdale Herald contacted the Mayor of Rhyl, William Willams who commented “No. Just no.”