Rochdale resident Steve Dickinson is hoping for unusual Christmas presents from his wife Barbara this year. 

“I’m running really low on socks, so some of those would be great” said Steve “I could also do with a tie because I have an interview in January, and I only have a novelty tie with Tiggers on it and one with an egg stain.”

Such gifts would be unusual in the Dickinson household as Steve’s wife Barbara habitually buys him an exotic pet for Christmas.

“I’ve had monitor lizards, ocelots, pythons and scorpions” said Steve “but after last year’s pangolin shenanigans, I put my foot down. Unfortunately on 2014’s capybara. To be honest, it will be nice to have a Christmas present which doesn’t bite, sting or make me sneeze violently. Talking of sneezing, some hankies would be useful. Did I mention how fond I was of Quality Street, Barbara?”

When asked what the Dickinsons planned for Christmas dinner, Steve said they would probably be having pangolin.