Pepe the frog has admitted today that he was behind the success of Donald Trump in the recent US presidential elections.

“Presidential? Fix-a-dential more like! Am I right? How old are those people?” laughed Pepe, when we caught up with him.

Pepe- who doesn’t actually exist as a real person but is really a cartoon character that was appropriated for memes by people using forums such as 4Chan- said:

“Yeah, I was totally responsible for Trump winning. Hillary decided to call me racist so I decided to make sure she lost. In your face, grandma! In your wrinkled face!”

And is Pepe the frog a racist?

“No, her reasoning for calling me racist is that I have been used by white supremacists. But I wasn’t invented by them – I was invented by a Hillary voter – and I am not exclusively used by them. In fact I have been utilized as a meme just as much by people mocking racism. Calling me inherently racist because racists have used me is like saying the word ‘the’ is racist or the letter aitch. They’ve both been used by Stormfront, and Hitler too.”

So, how did Pepe cause the Donald to win and why?

“Well, I got a friend to call himself Jared Taylor Swift, pretend to be a white nationalist, get interviewed for a troll piece in the Daily Beast and then I encouraged Hillary’s campaign to tell everyone that a fucking cartoon frog was a sinister Nazi figure being used to brainwash people into Trump worship. That was so fucking ridiculous that everyone voted Trump.
Oh and I blew members of the electoral college regularly. I guess that could have helped too!”

Is that true, Pepe?

“What’s true is that Slate, The Washington Post and the Democratic presidential candidate were taken in by a bunch of trolls shit-posting on the internet after they convinced a journalist who did absolutely no research or fact checking that there was a long term strategy to turn a cartoon frog into a Nazi propaganda tool and to get Trump elected. People still believe that it was all true even now!

It was a huge internet hoax guys, I am a cartoon frog and to be honest I voted for Jill Stein because Bernie sold out!”

So, how do I know that this isn’t a hoax too?