British football fans have been advised that if they object to FIFA’s stance on its national teams wearing poppies on armistice day, then they could stop watching football in protest. 

A spokesman for the National Office for Overreaction, Bjorn Knutssundottirssun, has been studying the issue closely for about 30 seconds, and has this to say;

“If an organisation to whom you are voluntarily giving your hard earned cash is doing something morally or legally wrong, be it banning a symbol of remembrance or accepting bribes to influence the award of major tournaments, then as a protest and to punish them you could just stop giving them your money. Just an idea.”

He continued; “You don’t have to watch it. Perhaps give the money you were going to spend watching 22 millionaires chase a ball round a pitch to the Royal British Legion instead?”

Football fans replied by saying;