Six anti-Trump trumpeters who had been tunefully disrupting the presidential candidate on the campaign trail have been silenced – temporarily. 

The musicians from the San Francisco Horn Ensemble managed to infiltrate the crowd several times and unleash artful blasts at the pursed-lipped shouty one. Often also popping up outside Trump Towers to add unwelcome intrusions to his finger wagging, the expert blowers had to date managed to evade hostile supporters and security.

All came to an end in Delaware when the trumpeters were finally nabbed and their instruments stomped into noiseless tubework  by an angry mob. Trump egged the crowd on from the stage saying, “there’s only one song playing tonight and it’s not theirs”. This was met with a brief but effective parp from a hidden French horn which was also swiftly neutered.

A spokesman for the battered buglers has indicated that the set-back will not deter them, commenting darkly, “We’ve got a gong.”

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