World leaders, academics, leading  scientists and philosophers made the decision at a secret summit in Denver Colardo yesterday.

Simon Johnson, a leading Economist and auther said; 

“2016 has been a global nightmare, both financially and in terms of poor choices.  We decided that the best course of action for the continuation of the human race was to just write the whole year off as a bad dream”.

Actor Patrick Duffy is set to reprise his role as Bobby Ewing from the 80’s smash TV series, Dallas, on the morning of January the 1st in a scene which will be translated into every language and shown across the globe.

The scene will be from the perspective of Bobby’s wife, Pam, who was originally played by Victoria Principal and will see Bobby explaining to her that 2016 was just a terrible nighmare and that non of it happened.

After the short clip, Barack Obama is set to reprise his role as President of the United States. Unfortunately David Cameron will automatically become British Prime Minister again but the EU referendum will be null and void.

A whole raft of other financial, constitutional and political events globally will effectively reset to pre 2016.

You can watch the shower scene on all free to air channels on the 1st of January at 9:00am.