Forget Brad and Angelina – they are so yesterday.

The worlds biggest celebrity couple, Ball and Slim, have sadly announced they are to divorce after 18 years of party-hard marriage.

Fatboy Slim, aka Peter Cook, and Zoe Ball, aka Zoe Ball, simultaneously announced on Twitter that they are to go their separate ways, and the talk is about the bitter custody battle for the vinyl collection.

Cook, once famously a member of The Smiths before going solo and carving out a huge career as a dance DJ, and Zoe, the famous daughter of Michael Ball, both need the prized vinyls to sustain their respective careers. It is believed Cook has already hired O.J’s legal team and served papers on Ball.

Both parties are remaining tight-lipped today, only stating that they will still raise their children together.

Close friends of the A-list celebrity couple claim Zoe’s continued alleged infidelity was not a contributing factor, but her annoying DJ voice possibly was.