CJ de Mooi shocked the nation today by revealing that CJ de Mooi isn’t his real name.

Believe it or not he chose that name! On purpose!

“I feel thoroughly cheated,” said Eggheads fan Sandra Lardworth from Rochdale, “I always felt sorry for him! I thought he’d been bullied because of his name and had taken refugee in books and knowledge. Instead I find out he’s just a bloke called Joseph.”

The tramp-thumping boffin impersonator was named Joseph Connagh but actually thought that CJ de Mooi (which means smug wankfart in Ancient Greek or something) would be way cooler and has used the ridiculous moniker ever since.

“Maybe that’s why he punched a junkie and dumped him in a canal,” said Sandra,”He was enraged by the realisation that he’d picked a frigging stupid name.”

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