With the news that The Great British Bake-Off is to move to Channel 4, host and national treasure Mary Berry has announced her retirement from television.

The national treasure told the Herald today;

“I’ve had a long career in television now, but as a national treasure I’m afraid I just don’t know what a Channel 4 is? Plus they are telling me that it has advertisements where they actually stop the programme and sell toilet cleaner and drugs? It was bad enough being a national treasure and moving from BBC 2 to BBC 1, and being on after that ghastly show with the cockneys that shout at each other, but apparently this Channel 4 regularly has northerners on it. I’m afraid I can’t deal with northerners at my time of life. I’m a national treasure.”

Co-host Paul Hollywood gave us his reaction to the news;

“I’ll be sad to see Mary go, she’s a national treasure. But at least now I might get a shot at some bird from Hollyoaks.”