Would-be U.S.President and serial bigot, Donald Trump awoke this morning to find his dreams of becoming the most powerful man on the planet in tatters.

His application to become a moderator on the popular social site Reddit was rejected, reportedly because Trump has “insufficient delusions of grandeur”.

The Herald contacted Voldatum, a moderator on the r/funny subreddit (a ‘page’) who told us “I’ve seen Donald Trump crop up on My Internet several times lately, and let’s face it, he’s pretty comical. It’s my job to stamp out humourous nonsense on r/funny, so clearly I had to reject his application and ban him. Besides, he doesn’t have enough karma.

“A furious Trump responded “I will build great karma, and nobody builds karma better than me, believe me. ?I’?ll build it very inexpensively. I will build great, great karma on Reddit, and I will make Twitter pay for that karma. Mark my words.”

With nearly thirteen million subscribers, almost entirely due to the fact that users are subscribed by default and can’t be arsed to unsubscribe, moderating r/funny would certainly have stroked Trump’s throbbing ego to an explosive climax. Thank God Voldatum is looking out for us.

“God had nothing to do with it.” a subscriber pointed out in the comments. “He doesn’t have that kind of power and lack of accountability.”

Mr. Trump hasn’t had the best of luck in his quest for World domination on social media lately. He recently fired his apprentice for a mix-up resulting in the infamous chub post on Grindr which left thousands of readers traumatised.