32 year old office worker Damian Green from Middleton has admitted using snapchat in a desperate attempt to look “cool” and “down with the kids”.

It will come as a shock to many who thought the app was purely for randy teenagers who think it’s a safe place to swap nude photos of each other in the hope the recipient doesn’t take a screen grab and share it with all his mates the next day.

“I am so ashamed”, said Mr. Green “I thought I could carry it off and maybe tell the story of my life through images but I’m just 15 years too old for it…”

Rumours Mr.Green also uses Pokemon Go and rides a skateboard have yet to be confirmed.

Illiterate writer of nonsense. Great at headlines but tail off during the story ;-) Available for weddings funerals and kids parties. Never lie, or do I? Married to a retired supermodel come part time donkey racer. Will work for beer and crisps.