Michael Gove has denied that footage of someone driving blind folded is actually him this afternoon.

The footage appears to show Mr Gove in traffic on the M25 attempting to drive whilst blindfolded. Gove allegedly turns to the camera and says, “Its afternoon, I think. I’ve had 5 cups of coffee and I’m blindfolded. Let’s do this s***.”

The footage appeared after Mr Gove appeared to suggest that he’s driven his wife on car journeys whilst being unable to see properly.

A senior police officer told us, “Oh for Gods sake. It’s hard enough to convince the public to wear seat belts and drive sober to the speed limit. Never mind attempting to tell politicians that they shouldn’t drive blindfolded. You really shouldn’t drive blindfolded people. It’s really unwise.”

It’s further alleged that the Government intends to make murder and necrophia legal following allegations a senior advisor to the Government broke lockdown to kill and have sex with someone he met on Tindr.