Dominic Cummings has appeared on the BBC to tell everyone to f*** off and leave him alone.

Speaking to Secretary of the Boris Booster Club, Laura Kuenssberg, Cummings said, “It’s been a ridiculous weekend for me. To set things straight, I was at Barnard Castle having my eyes checked to make sure I could drive. It’s often the done thing that if you think that you have eye sight that could impede your driving you get in your car, drive 260 miles and then a further 30 miles. I needed to be sure I’d be safe on the road.”

A spokesman sought to clarify, “Look, when Durham Police spoke to him they were asking for directions to the police station. It’s a 46 mile drive to Chester-le-street police station. He invited them in and they had a feast each. There were 741 biscuit pieces on the outside of Dom’s Feast. Then they left and Dom went to the local optician to ensure his eye sight was ok. Now f*** off and stop asking questions you inferior plebs.”

It’s hoped that the latest statement will make the issue go away following the failure to use his childs autism to shut the plebs up then castigate the same plebs for politicising his childs autism.

“Look, why can’t you understand that we’re lying constantly for the good of the country. I mean, when you see the lash up we’ve made of everything you’ll be glad we’re constantly lying to you. You should be grateful to us.”