Dominic Cummings has dramatically revealed that he was visiting Durham’s Pizza Express on the advice of Prince Andrew.

In a televised interview Cummings said, “I remember the trip very well. My eldest son had a party to attend at the Durham branch of Pizza Express. I drove him there as he’s autistic and having friends 260 miles away is very important. I was hoping to get an American Hot pizza. Coincidentally, I’m unable to sweat just like Prince Andrew. We got talking about this condition and that’s when he mentioned that I really should try the Durham branch of Pizza Express.”

“Anyway the roads were surprisingly quiet. We passed 9 cars on the way. 4 were blue the others were silver. Unfortunately, Pizza Express wasn’t open. However  and it’s a remarkable coincidence, I needed to go to an eye appointment in Barnard Castle and it just so happens that my parents live in Durham. So I dropped my very autistic son off with them. The day afterwards I visited Durham Cathedral with it’s 66m spire. As a family we are training to climb Salisbury Cathedral. I then went back to my parents because I got lost finding Durham Cathedral and I thought it might snow.”

Mr Cummings PR adviser has denied he is actually Prince Andrew.