Captain Tom Moore is reportedly thrilled that his fundraising has been so successful that he’s finally able to pay off a loan he took out with Wonga in 2015.

A spokesman told us, “It’s been a really great week for Captain Tom. He reached the milestone that is finally paying off a Wonga loan. He took it out in 2015 to cover the cost of food after ATOS stopped his pension due to his refusal to report for active reserve duty. Anyway, that £500 loan had a very generous interest rate attached which meant that by this week he owed in excess of £30m. He was paying it off at £25 a week but yesterday made the final payment and paid it off.”

It’s unclear what Captain Tom will do now he’s payed the loan off. The spokesman said, “It’s a shame Bright House folded. The £2m left over could have been the deposit on a new toaster. He’d only have to pay another £20m off to own it outright.”

Many people have reacted with surprise that Wonga are still claiming loans back despite having entered administration in 2018. A spokesman told us, “We once reposessed somebodies TV because they had missed 4 payments as they were dead. We served the repossession order during their funeral so this is definitely not beyond us.”