The Government has announced that it has recruited some more “freaks and weirdos” as advisors following the resignation of noted weirdo, Andrew Sabisky.

A spokesman said, “There was a lot of confusion when we advertised for freaks and misfits to apply. Many people thought that meant trying to get someone like a Galileo type whose maverick ideas will later turn out to be seen as genius. What we actually meant was that we wanted people whose views are so warped that they’d be unemployable in any other sector.”

The spokesman went on, “So we’ve got rid of the old ones and got new ones in. Mr Himmler will now work with Mr Mengele. People say there’s no evidence black people have lower IQ’s than white people. So we’ll set up special camps to help us study this. Mr Mengele is particularly interested in testing on twins. Once we’ve concluded our hypothesis we will then introduce a sterilisation, er, contraception program to stop these untermensch, er underclass reproducing.”

Voter Bill Board said, “It’s true though isn’t it? Black people aren’t as intelligent as us. Name a black inventor. See you can’t. It’s definitely lack of intelligence and no other factors at all that cause it.”

The Government spokesman responde, “Thinking about it, the main reason you’re on Earth is to reproduce. If all these people are sterile they’ll not be able to do that. They will be taking resources that could be used to feed people that do bring children up and contribute to the country. They should be classified as useless eaters and gassed to death in some sort of camp.”

Bill Board told us, “I think that’s a brilliant idea. Churchill thought eugenics was good. Everything Churchill said was great because he was a great man.”

Mr Sabisky has said that his resignation was forced by PC nonsense from the snowflake media. The PC snowflake media has responded by telling him they just reported the fittest and strongest of his ideas and that if he’d had a higher IQ he probably would still be employed.