Arron Banks has taken a day off from calling for Britain to leave the EU so it can be free from the interference of EU laws to demand the police enforce EU laws.

Banks, whose Leave.EU group was fined for breaking data protection rules during the referendum. 

A spokesman said, “This leak of personal data is awful for Mr Banks. What’s worse is in losing our shit we’ve highlighted how little we understand how the internet works. But, this is totally different to the data breaches where Leave.EU targeted Eldon Insurance customers whose data was breached. Totally different and we’ll be calling for the death penalty for the hackers.”

A spokesman for the EU told us, “Funny how he’s suddenly interested in our laws. It’s like the time Nigel Farage mooted the idea of appealing to the European Courts of Justice.”

We called the European Courts of Justice but the declined to comment. They were too busy laughing. 

Sources close to the police have told us they will die of irony poisoning should it turn out to be Russian hackers. One Officer told us, “It’s like that time that burglar called us because someone had stolen his telly.”