The Daily Mail has revealed its very special D-Day supplement today. The supplement will be available this weekend and looks back to a time when the newspaper was a prominent supporter of the Nazis in the 1930’s, a bit like now but in black and white.

Editor Bill Board told us, “The front cover features the picture of a judge, some trade unionists and that socialist dog Ken Clarke under the headline, “Traitors”. It invokes the People’s Court or, Volksgerichtshof, as it’s known in the German edition of our newspaper. We’re playing the part of Roland Freisler obviously.”

“There’s a science section written by Ann Widdecombe all about how you can convert gay people into compost. Their bones are good for enriching the soil with phosphates, so I’m told.”

“Then there’s the main feature which is about how we as a society shouldn’t fear being labelled racist for acknowledging there’s a problem with brown immigrants coming over here and taking our jobs and that English white people are just genetically better than everybody else.”

“There’s a bit where we look back at really great editions of the Mail. This week’s includes a look back to 2015 when we likened Syrian asylum seekers to cockroaches which was not at all like the Nazi’s depiction of Jews in 1930’s Germany.”

“Then there’s the light-hearted stuff. Where we confuse our readers by revealing that fish don’t have fingers and Buffalos don’t have wings. You may think it’s self evident but for many of our readers it’s a wild concept as they think the Nazi’s were socialists based on them having the word ‘socialist’ in their name.”

Not everyone agrees that this is a D-Day special though. Media watcher Stan Still told us, “Isn’t this just The Daily Mail? It’s literally their normal newspaper dressed up as a one off special.”

The Mail wouldn’t comment on Stan’s assertion but did say that readers will get the opportunity to buy a limited edition model of the Sobibor death camp for £9.99 and 50 tokens exclusively available in this weeks Mail.