The Queen acted out a stamp for the 60th year running during the traditional game of Charades at Sandringham yesterday.

An insider told us, “She does it every year. And every year everyone is expected to go through the same rigmarole of pretending to guess. As usual she stood up with an old picture frame around her and everyone took turns guessing until the Duke of Edinburgh finally got fed up a guessed it. 60 times he’s seen this. How did it take 4 hours?”

The Duke didn’t attend the traditional church service yesterday. Our insider said, “He couldn’t be arsed. He’s seen it 90 odd times so it’s not like the ending is going to be a surprise anymore.”

There have been rumours of awkward scenes when Meghan Mackerel arrived with a Nut Roast as an alternative to the traditional 256 bird roast the Royals eat.

Our insider said, “All it seemed to achieve was to cause the Duke of Edinburgh to remember a scandalous story involving a fan dancer and a dancing flea in 1930’s Alexandria when he was in the Navy. We’ve all been move to wash our eyes out with bleach this afternoon.”

Our insider also told us of the tensions between Meghan and Kate. He said, “There was definite malice in how they passed the salt to each other. The Duchess of Cambridge was also seen to eat a mince pie quite aggressively.”

It’s further alleged that there was some tension between Prince Charles and Prince William after the former bought Prince George a Scalextric that the Duke of Cambridge doesn’t approve of.