There are rumours today that the Queen’s Christmas speech will contain one paragraph in Urdu.

A furious Palace insider told us, “It’s completely ridiculous. I’ve heard the Queen isn’t happy about it but the Government pretty much sign off on what she says. This year they said she should attempt to broaden the appeal of the speech by putting a paragraph in Urdu in.”

The contents of the speech are usually a closely guarded secret but furious insiders have been taking to the media to voice their concerns.

Another told us, “They think it will attract more non-Christians to the idea. Really it’s just destroying another Christmas tradition. People won’t stand for it.”

But a representative of the Cultural Correctness Society, Rita Right-on told us, “Christmas needs to evolve. Very few people actually go to Church these days so we need to broaden the appeal for it to survive. Doing a paragraph in Urdu is perfect. There’s half a million Urdu speakers in the UK who are currently left put at Christmas. Next year the speech should feature some Punjabi.”

It’s alleged that the speech will mark the start of a year when the Royal Family will aim to broaden their cultural appeal.

There are rumours that St George’s Chapel at Windsor will be renamed al-Khadr’s Musallah for a month next year to mark Ramadan. In June Windsor Castle will host an Eid celebration with Minarets being installed on the Upper Ward and the Royal Standard being replaced with the Saudi Arabian flag. There are even plans to convert the iconic long walk into a multicultural celebration area for 2020.

UKIP member, Nigel Garage told us, “This is just the Government giving in to small pressure groups. It won’t stand up for British values. Nothing is more British than watching the Queens Christmas speech. And renaming St George’s Chapel just makes me feel sick.”

Elsewhere, there have been rumours that Prince Andrew will forgo the traditional Christmas Day service at St George’s Chapel to attend prayers at Finsbury Park Mosque.