Donald Trump has been given credit for restoring America’s faith in Bush.

One Bush expert told us, “10 years ago American faith in Bush was at an all time low. It was a dramatic loss. 30 years ago Americans loved Bush. They couldn’t get enough. Your average worker would finish for the day, head home and spend the evening gladly watching Bush.”

He went on, “You see American faith in Bush peak in 1991. We can put this approval of Bush down to the safe return of many Gulf War veterans. Then, The faith drops off a bit in the mid-nineties.”

One voter told us, “I loved Bush around 2001. But Bush kept disappointing me. You never want to be in such a position where the mere mention of Bush causes your stomach to knot. But, over the last couple of years President Trump has restored my faith and belief in Bush. I’m proud to call myself a Bush aficionado.”

It’s not clear what this new found faith in Bush means for America but officials are watching closely.