In a bid to balance the left leaning opinions of Mayor Magid Magid, Sheffield City Council have unveiled a new road in the south of the city which has been named after Right-Wing commentator, Info Wars contributor and UKIP member Paul Joseph Watson.
Watson, shot to mild internet based fame in 2014 after saying something inflammatory that was probably about women or Muslims. He was born and raised in Sheffield attending Bradfield School and is now its most famous alumnus was afforded the honour in August.
It’s alleged he is delighted with the Council’s decision despite having previously referred to them as “A pack of lefty twats”.
The Council acknowledged that Watson is a controversial character to the few people that have actually heard of him and have also confirmed that he does sound like a child doing an impression of Jeremy Clarkson. However, the Council overwhelmingly voted 52% to 48% in favour of the road naming in the interest of fair balance and representation within the city of Sheffield.
The road is situated on the south side of the city and veers heavily to the right and doesn’t really lead anywhere important.