Right wing folk hero Tommy Robinson has issued a statement distancing himself for The Labour Party.

The statement was issued in response to speculation that Robinson might run for Parliament on a truth and justice card. One observer said, “If Tommy wants to run for Parliament then he could run as an independent candidate but the current Parliamentary system means that he would probably not be able to achieve his aim of abolishing the contempt of court laws.”

“Instead, he would be much better being a member of a party. If you look around at the parties available then the party whose philosophy is most closely aligned with his is Labour. Labour would be able to provide him with cash and the necessary platform to really get his views across. And who knows, with the speed people leave the Shadow Cabinet he could probably be Shadow Foreign Secretary in a matter of months.”

A Labour spokesman said, “Robinson expresses views which most of us don’t personally believe in. But these are his views and we should listen to them and try to understand them. If he wishes to join our Party then he may. It’ll probably really appeal to some of our grass roots voters in the north and anyway, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Ask Hezbollah.”

But Robinson’s lawyer said, “Tommy Robinson denies these vicious accusations that he intends to be associated with The Labour Party. He reiterates that his views are not consistent with those of Jeremy Corbyn and that he officially distances himself from The Labour Party.”

Tommy Robinson will be released from prison later today where upon he will be greeted by minstrels singing songs about him.