A 38 year old killing was finally resolved at the Old Bailey yesterday as Video Charles Robinson, commonly known simply as ‘Video’ was found guilty in the notorious ‘Radio Star’ murder case.

The prosecutor, Geoffrey Downes QC said the defendant had submitted a lengthy confession admitting the crime. Downes said “he said he had a fit of rage and by the time he realised what he had done, he’d gone too far and could not rewind.”

The murder was said to have been triggered by a bitter wrangle over the radio star’s second symphony. He said Video had rewritten it in ways he profoundly disagreed with, using machines and new technology. On hearing the playback in an abandoned studio, the radio star told Video he would not sanction the release. This triggered the homicidal response.

Lord Chief Justice Horn reserved sentencing pending a psychiatric report from Professor Hans Zimmer noting that Video was unable to recall whether the murder had taken place in his car or just in his mind.