The White House has apparently confirmed that POTATUS, Donald Trump, thought the Korean War was a war fought in the 1970’s in Star Trek.

The admission comes several weeks after Mr Trump seemed to suggest that he had met thousands of parents of American soldiers killed in the Korean War. Trump said that the parents of these men had asked him to secure the release of the remains of their sons from North Korea should he become President and BFF with Kim Jong Un.

The assertion that thousands of parents of people killed during the Korean War has led to a lot of head scratching in the American media in recent weeks. The war was fought between 1950 and 1953 which would mean that the parents of the people killed in it would now be aged over 100.

After several weeks of pretending there are thousands more centenarians in America than there actually are the White House came clean yesterday.

In a statement they said, “When he said the Korean War POTATUS was in fact referring to the Federation-Klingon War fought between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. This was in fact an inconclusive war fought in the 1970’s. Obviously, there aren’t thousands of parents of Korean War dead still alive. That’s not what POTATUS was referring to at all. It’s just the main stream media saying this because they’re trying to make POTATUS look stupid.”

For many in Britain, POTATUS confusion over how long ago a war was fought has mirrored the way many Brexit voters pretend to have fought in the Second World War. This despite the vast majority not being old enough to have fought on the allied side or, in a few cases, only being old enough to have qualified for the Hitler Youth.