Historian’s have said that Donald Trump is nothing like Hitler as Hitler wasn’t fat and bald.

Stan Still said, “A lot of people have been saying that Donald Trump is like Hitler. His attempts to introduce laws that target one specific ethnic group is one that is often cited by critics of Mr Trump. But, Hitler was far more even handed in his hatred for different people. He hated the disabled for instance. If Trump hated the disabled then he’d have to target himself.”

Stan also told us, “Everyone points to Trump’s wish to be a dictator and his obvious admiration of Putting and Kim Jong Un. His obvious desire to forcibly oppress all opposition and his ideal of authoritarian nationalism. This is all good but to first become a nationalist you have to be able to find your own country on a map. Something Hitler could do but probably not something Trump could do. At least Hitler could find Poland on a map. Trump would probably invade North Dakota.”

The allegations come as it came to light that children are being forcibly separated from their families. One analyst said, “Alright the policies are extremely similar and the hatred of migrants that seems to boil down to racism is very similar but Hitler wasn’t as over weight or bald. Hitler also had normal sized hands.”

It’s also understood that Hitler didn’t go around pretending to have one of the great memories whilst simultaneously forgetting that the parents of most Korean War casualties would now be dead.

Another observer said, “Would there be a market for Donald Trump’s artwork in 100 years? It’s doubtful whereas an original Adolf Hitler sells for thousands.”

Mr Trump has denied that he’d bald. He stated that he had much more hair than Hitler. Trump’s is probably the greatest head of hair of all time. At least according to him. It’s alleged that Trump is also considering growing a much better moustache than Hitler.

When asked by the press about this Trump said, “You know what else Hitler did that I didn’t do? Fought in a war.”