A teenager from Burnley has saved an absolute fortune on Father’s Day by having all seven of her children with the same bloke.

Kayleigh-Leigh Leigh-Ann Leigh came up with the money saving solution several years ago after the birth of her third child.

“I was down the shops with my mate Kelsey-Leigh and she had to buy loads of different cards and a big book of stamps to send to all of her kids’ dads.”

“Have you seen the price of stamps recently? It’s 50p to send a card to a dad in prison.

“If all your kids are with the same guy you can have them all write in the same card and you’ll save money on stamps.”

“When I told Kelsey-Leigh she thought it was a dead good idea, it turns out that three of her kids’ dads are in the same prison so they’ve done a group card anyway.”

“It all ads up. It works for birthdays too.”

Hallmark were unavailable for comment.