The Sun “Newspaper” has chosen to symbolise Brexit using a picture of the Alton Towers roller coaster, The Smiler.
One reader commented, “It’s strange that they’ve chosen that really. It’s like they’re telling us that we’re going to be irreversibly maimed or something as a result of Brexit. Right now we’re sailing through the air and we’re all happy but what we don’t know is we’re going to collide with something and receive horrible injuries. Still, there’s an 8 page Love Island bikini special enclosed so can’t really complain.”
One Sun insider told us, “We had an editorial meeting the other day. The editors wanted us to think of things that would symbolise Brexit. there were the usual suggestions of things like Buckingham Palace. But that was built by Germans or something. In the end we thought that it’s a lot like a roller coaster. You’ve got the nervous excitement when you’re queueing up to get on it. Then there’ll be the joy as it leaves. There’ll be some ups and downs on the way and stuff. You have the thrill of thinking you’re going to crash but knowing really that you aren’t. It’s perfect.
Then we thought, what’s a really famous roller coaster. Well using the sort of research capabilities that David “Danger” Davis is capable of we stuck roller coaster into our archive. Hey presto, there was a photo of one at Alton Towers from some legal case a few years ago. We went with that.
How were we supposed to know that It left loads of young people with horrific injuries?”
It’s understood that other things The Sun believes symbolise Brexit are Sellafield nuclear power station and a 1 eyed, 1 legged pigeon with wing rot.