Pontypandy fireman, Fireman Sam has again denied having ever met Norman Price on more than 3 occasions. The denial comes amidst growing calls for the Welsh Police Service to investigate corruption in the town.
Allegations that Fireman Sam has been colluding in the deliberate starting of fires with Norman Price since 1987 came to light in a Sunday Times investigation.
The allegations were made after it transpired that Norman Price had deliberately started a fire at Bella Lasagne’s restaurant. An investigative journalist found e-mail evidence that Fireman Sam had in fact offered Norman, bus driver Trevor’s business if he set fire the  café.
When presented with the evidence of collusion Fireman Sam said that he had never met Norman Price, had no idea who that was. This statement was contradicted when Norman’s mum, Dylis, showed everyone video footage of Fireman Sam and Norman talking in 1987. Furthermore, Dylis was able to produce photographs and footage of several meetings Fireman Sam has had since 1987 with Price.
There are allegations that Sam had been used as a pawn by Chief Fire Officer Boyce. These allegations surround the Government’s announcement that it wished to close Pontypandy fire station several years ago. It’s alleged that Chief Fire Officer Boyce made suggestions to Fireman Sam that the area really needed more fires to justify keeping the Fire Station open and ensure that all of Pontypandy fire staff pensions would be maintained.
When a Herald journalist attempted to call Chief Fire Officer Boyce to discuss the allegations she was promptly cut off and her house mysteriously burned down shortly after she took in lodger, Norman Price.