The Daily Express as revealed a new corporate logo today that it says is more in keeping with how it and its readers view its brand. The Express hired a Moscow based marketing firm to come up with the logo that is said to have cost £750,000.

A spokesman for the Express said, “We felt that the knight was a bit old fashioned and wanted something that really sums up the Expresses philosophy. We thought that a skull was the perfect way to do this s it says if you mess with us then you can expect to die. We had considered a picture of Diana but then we realized that’s been our corporate symbol for 20 years.”

One person who saw the unveiling of the new logo said, “They unveiled it and everyone was quiet for a good 5 minutes just taking it in. Then some bloke at the front gave us some blurb about it being symbolic of how the Express and its readers see themselves.”

Many Express readers seem to be in favour of it. One told us, “For me it evokes the Second World War which, although I’m too young to have fought in gives me an erection each time I think of it. When I think of what it represents, it conjures up ideas of a very strong and stable Government that knew exactly how to deal with traitors who oppose the peoples will.”

Another reader said, “It’s strange that I believe them on Brexit as their reporting is so far from the truth most of the time. Every winter they say there’s going to be an ice age but there never is. I know it’s tosh but Brexit, they speak the truth on that.”

The Express has confirmed that it will have the logo in place when it covers the public trials of the treacherous dogs in Parliament who are aiming to stop Brexit and should be shot like all baddies should be.