In a stunning announcement today it was revealed, that Boris Johnson’s hair impregnated Donald Trump’s hair a few months ago.

Boris Johnson revealed this morning that his hair mated, with the President of the United States’s hair. Donald Trump’s hair which is always in heat. Was naturally the bitch in this odd breeding situation. Boris Johnson secretly traveled to Washington DC to breed his wild stallion mane with Trump’s controlled spool of hair. The two pairs of hair mated and it was confirmed today the pair of hairs will be having a litter. The litter of is expected to be around 5-6 bright tangled orange hair pups. Both Trump and Boris’s Hair are wild tangled messes of sentient hair.  

Trump is expected to travel to the UK this summer. The President of the United States will meet the Prime Minister during that trip. Hopefully, while in London his hair will give birth to the litter of hair puppies. Trump and Johnson will split the litter of fur puppies. To distribute to other parts of the world that need awful politics. As both men’s hair are essentially parasites that pump their brains will awful loudmouth ideas.

The Runt of the litter will be put in a vat of radioactive waste. It’s hoped, it will mutate into a super-powered insufferable politician.