A man who spent yesterday in London singing “Free Tommy Robinson” has said he thought he was entering a competition to meet him.

Dave Wild told us, “I wasn’t aware it was a protest. My mate Jeff said I should come along and sing a bit. If we were judged to be the best singers then we would get to meet him at the end of the day. It’s not often you get to meet one of your hero’s so I went along. It’s now Sunday morning and I’m in Wormwood Scrubs and I still haven’t met him.”

Wild was one of thousands of people who spent yesterday non-violently protesting at the imprisonment of a man who pleaded guilty to being in contempt of court after previously being told by a judge that if Robinson did the same thing again he would go to prison.

During yesterday’s non-violent protests by right wing peace activists several cars became damaged and bottles were thrown at the police at Downing Street. This was definitely not a result of the protest but the main stream media, police and Jeremy Corbyn who orchestrated the violence in order to make the protests look violent.

One resident told us, “I came out and found my car had been smashed. I phoned the police and told them that it was clearly either the police or some Daily Mirror journalists who had done it. Fortunately there was somebody there from Russia Today who could verify that it definitely was members of the main stream media doing the damage.”

Dave Wild told us, “It just goes to show, don’t meet your hero’s. You’ll only be disappointed.”