A hard working mother in West London is so desperate to get her children to eat vegetables she has put out a call for help on social media.

Sally Du Lally of Ealing told The Rochdale Herald that she was so desperate for her carnivorous children to eat the occasional vegetable she put out a call on Facebook.

The balloon went up on Tuesday morning and Ms Du Lally has already had several responses.

“A few people have just said ‘BOSH!’ which I take it means I should just serve up a few veggies and slap the kids round the back of the head till they finish what’s on the plate.

“Beans on toast and lentils are obviously out. I mean, with a 13 year old boy in the house the air quality is already at dangerously toxic levels but something has to be done.

“Then we hit on the idea of just drowning everything in cheese. Macaroni cheese with peas in it, cauliflower cheese, broccoli al formaggio, potato gratin (that’s cheese), cheesy three bean casserole, sweet potato chips and cheese, curly kale au fromage, gooey ratatouille. It’s a genius idea and I’ll use low fat cheese obvs.”

It has been pointed out that the kids might get nightmares with all that cheese but Sally says she doesn’t care.

“As long as they eat their veg that’s all I’m worried about,” she explained. “We’re onto a winner.”

Sally has a new cookbook coming out later this summer called “Choose Sanity, Choose Cheese.”