London, England- Embroiled host Ant McPartlin will be hosting something new. While waiting to see what the final outcome of his DUI arrest, Ant McPartlin will be required to sport a billboard on his forehead.The billboard will have an anti-drink driving advert.

The Punishment was thought up as McPartlin, has a rather large amount of space on his face to advertise. He will most likely be back in front of the cameras hosting sooner rather than later. The advert will be fitted to his head immediately and will stay there for the time being.

McPartlin will be required to wear the advert during all hours of the day. Any attempts to remove it will be followed by an electric shock to his head. If he returns to hosting before his punishment has ended. McPartlin will be required to make sure the billboard is constantly in focus while on camera.

McPartlin’s struggles in the past were taken into account with this punishment. Another stint in rehab seems to likely. That would only help him learn from this mistake.The idea with this billboard is to educate the maximum amount of people about the risks of driving while under the influence. Along, to serve as a daily reminder to McPartlin.

Some ideas for the adverts have been calm like “You Booze, You Lose”. Some have been more striking like “Only a F****** idiot would drive drunk”. The final design will be hammered by tomorrow morning.

The punishment while unusual is not entirely new. Khloe Kardashian was given a similar punishment in the United States following her DUI arrest. Although, her advert was placed on her rear end.

More on this story as additional information becomes available.