United States, Washington DC – A new bill has been passed in the United States, to allow firearms to be sold from Vending Machines.

The bill will take effect over the summer. This will allow every type of firearm to be purchased from the machines. Giving Americans even easier access to these destructive devices.

Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin commented “If more good guys with guns have access to guns then we will have less bad guys with guns. It is very simple math.”

Each vending machine will have pictures to limit the amount of reading that will go into the purchase. Every gun sold will come preloaded. No identification is required with a cash purchase.

One pushback has been what happens if a gun gets stuck on the glass on its way down. The machines will have large openings at the bottom. So the customer can stick their hand in there to dislodge the item that is not being used to compensate for something.

The National Rifle Association has tried for years to get this bill passed. The NRA now has its sights focused on a bill, that would allow guns to be delivered with drones.  For now, the Vending Machines will start out in malls and grocery stores. Before being available in most locations.