Vulnerable homeless people are now being forced into longer begging hours to pay the newly introduced fines for begging.

In another PR triumph for the Conservatives, Poole council has confirmed from next month anyone who has hit hard times and is relying on the kindness of handouts from passers by in the street will be fined £100 as a final kick in the teeth.

In an exclusive interview with a member of Poole Council we were told “we absolutely believe fining the poor and the homeless with amounts that they couldn’t possibly afford and then following that up with further court hearings and possible higher costs is clearly the only sensible way forward to rid our streets of tramps.”

But the local beggars are up in arms claiming they already beg for 12 hours a day just to eat a decent meal and possibly get a cup of hot tea once a day and with the prospect of £100 fines on the horizon it may mean they will have to give up all sleep and beg around the clock. T

The MP for the constituency of Poole Sir Robert Syms confirmed this is just the first of a number of moves in an attempt to remove ‘the great unwashed’ off of his streets.

‘As well as these ridiculous fines for people who can’t afford it we are also considering a wheelchair tax and charging £5 pound a cup in our local soup kitchen as well as asking all disabled people to only come out after the cover of darkness.”

“But it’s one thing at a time there’s no quick fix so for now we just concentrating on hitting the vulnerable homeless community”.

If you’d like to contact Sir Robert Syms to discuss his fining beggars plan he can be contacted at

Don’t expect a response anytime soon.

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