Sources close to the White House have revealed that Elon Musk has today offered Donald Trump a ride on the next Falcon Heavy rocket.

The normally publicity shy inventor and self publicist has said that, as “The Donald” was obviously the smartest man on the planet, he hopes POTATUS will jump at the chance to meet other strangely coloured lifeforms and tell them about Earth and how big the crowd was at his inauguration.

Trump is reportedly ‘uber excited’ at the prospect of a trip into the wild blue yonder and US Commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, has been overheard discussing the possibility of trade negotiations with the Clangers and the Soup Dragon.

USDA officials are not as thrilled however and are preparing a series of strikes should moon cheese be imported into the United States.

Musk remains bullish about the mission, confident he can launch Trump into space on the next flight.

He explained to a White House meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that they shouldn’t read anything into the fact that he has given Mr Trump a one way ticket as it works out cheaper than buying a return if you do it that way.

He promises that the return journey ticket is ‘in the post’.