Horse faced professional turd and former Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins has apparently been offered a new job by the GB olympic equestrian team.

Katie, the former Apprentice contestant and Jungle evictee who lost her jobs at both LBC and the Daily Mail after a string of vile and offensive Tweets, has recently put her home on the market to pay her court costs and damages after losing a libel case.

Hopkins, who was spotted collapsed on the pavement whilst out of her face on ketamine in South Africa this week, is reported to be delighted by the new position.

Harvey Fotherington-Smythe of Horsey Things For Horsey People magazine told The Rochdale Herald:

“Katie has always loved horses. I’ve actually been told that she had plastic surgery several years ago in an effort to look more like her beloved pony Winston. It was obviously very good work and a complete success as the resemblance is remarkable.

“We are concerned that she is getting a little carried away. There are reports, unconfirmed I hasten to add, that she likes to wear a halter and be ridden round the Daily Mail office by Paul Dacre with a feather in his cap.

“The whole ketamine thing is fine though, I mean, if anyone needed a tranquilliser it’s our Ketty.”

Ms Hopkins has not commented, which is unusual.